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As I went on my walk this evening, I listened to one of my favorite YouTube videos. As I listened to the video and reached the park, I decided it would be wonderful to try and manifest something simple. Something that would just bring me a little bit of joy when seeing it. I decided I wanted to find hearts. It didn’t matter where, I wanted to see hearts as I walked, maybe in the wood, maybe where the rain left a wet trail on part of the concrete path. I didn’t care. I walked the loop and listened and looked. I searched and searched and couldn’t seem to find any, anywhere.

‘That’s ok’, I thought, ‘I don’t have to see hearts’. I continued to look and listen as the video discussed how staying positive and letting go of your belief in how something should happen will allow a path of even better things and you should enjoy how you get there.

I still enjoyed my walk. I finished the first loop and rounded through the parking area now thinking I would likely not see any but I was still grateful for the gorgeous weather and the time I had to be able to go on a walk. Then I looked down and there it was. The heart I had looked for. Just as plain as day. I was so excited! It was a perfect little heart! I was so excited!

I decided to do a second loop. On cloud nine from my heart spotting I started thinking about how my Mammaw (favorite person in all the world) and I used to go into her back yard and search for four leave clovers. I remembered how fun it was to look and how hard it was to find them. Through the years since, I’ve often glanced down looking for four leave clovers. I couldn’t recall the last time I had seen any. It had probably been eight, maybe ten years.

As I headed up the path for my second lap and thinking of four leaf clovers I looked over and noticed the fence line was covered in growth. But the leaves of one particular vine was actually in the shape of a heart. They were everywhere. This fine was growing all along the path. It had been there the whole time on my first lap but I missed it. I was looking too hard for the heart in other places. Now I was excited. Here I had been surrounded by hearts all along!

I finished the loop and started for home, just giddy about the heart spottings. As I turned the corner to head up the hill toward my house, I saw a patch of four leaf clovers. Something told me to stop. I stopped and looked down and low and behold…..a four leaf clover! I picked it.

I stood there holding it and smiling and thought of my little Mammaw and how excited she would have been to have found one. Then I looked down and saw a FIVE LEAF CLOVER! Then I saw another four leaf clover! A big one! I picked it too. At this point I was beyond thrilled.

I began walking home holding my three clovers. I couldn’t even describe the happiness I was feeling. Once I got to my house and turned into my driveway, I looked down at the little clover patch lining my driveway and believe it or not, another four leaf clover.

I realized so many things just from this little walk. Stop worrying about HOW you’ll get there and let yourself enjoy the ride. Pay attention, be present because sometimes the things you are looking for are right there. Right in front of you or beside you and you’re so busy looking in another direction, you miss it. And listen to those little voices. The ones that tell you, “Stop and look”. You may be missing out on something even more special than what you intended on finding in the first place!

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