WTF? Am I really doing this?

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Yep, that’s me!

After hours of deliberating over what my first blog post should be about, endless time researching blog titles, countless ideas of what to write about, I decided I had to start somewhere – so here it goes!

In addition to the About Me section, here is a little more about my life:

I currently work at a corporate job (yuck) as a Project Manager (double yuck) and have been for almost 20 years now.  I love the fact that I have a lot of flexibility in my job, and don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for having the job and what’s it’s afforded me over the last 20 years.  But I just feel like there’s more out there for me.  Not that the grass is greener, it’s just that I feel like I would like to grow my own grass and sell it instead of allowing someone else to pocket the money for all my hard work!  (Mental note:  add to the list of business ideas – grass growing – maybe a “Special” grass – hahaha! I would be a nervous wreck and I don’t have a green thumb – know your strengths, Donna – forget growing grass).  I’d like to say that this thinking is new and some sort of mid-life crisis, but in reality, it’s been going on for quite some time.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been doing a great deal of self reflection and trying to make some changes for the better.   At 46, I still feel like I have a lot of living to do and I hoped to share a little about my life, some of my journeys and the steps I’m taking to grow.

First, I am the oldest of 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 1 sister.  We are spread apart in age with 13 years difference between myself and my younger sister.  And although we have our differences, we are a close family.  One that most people love and love being a part of.  I’m lucky enough to call my sister-n-law one of my best friends and have a new sister-n-law in the works (my youngest brother is getting married in Puerto Vallarta in 2 weeks!) and I’m so excited to be welcoming her into the family and foresee another BFF in the works.

My parents have been married for 47 years and still very much in love.  I like to say that they set the bar pretty high and I have had a hard time meeting that standard.

My babies

My daughter is 23, graduated from college last spring and just left yesterday for a trip to Cost Rica and Nicaragua and plans to meet up with the fam in Puerto Vallarta for the wedding.  Her dream is to become a full time travel blogger and she will be great at it.  Although I don’t consider myself a world traveler quite just yet (an aspiring one maybe)- I do consider her to be one.  My son is 20 and is trying to figure out the whole college scene.  He is living away from home and although he’s not quite as “on his own” as I’d like him to be, I hope he’s figuring it all out.  My youngest daughter is 11, in 5th grade and doing what most normal 5th graders do.

I love to travel, love to paint or make anything.  I have recently taken up woodworking projects and it really seems to give me a sense of pride to make these things (even if it doesn’t always turn out great).  I like learning along the way.  I love a good set of power tools.  I also enjoy cooking.  Nothing makes me happier than to feed people and have them enjoy my cooking.

I hope that through this blog I can share some experiences, share some helpful hints, connect with others and maybe brighten someone’s day from time to time.  Please feel free to drop me an email or a note at any time.  I’d love the feedback and love to hear from you!




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